Woman of the Birds

I have unintentionally come across this artist biography video from Ted quite a few times over the past few years. It helps to remind me that there is another side of photography behind just pretty photos. Photos can be used to illustrate and tell deep stories. Graciela Iturbide's photos, while they do have great technique as far as the lighting and composition, it seems her primary focus in the images is the on the content in them. The wild and often deep story she's trying to tell. She relates her images to "reading" a photo, or being a poet while taking picture and it definitely shows.

Primarily shooting in black and white and living in Mexico Graciela's photos are nothing short of amazing. She finds a way to make her photos look honest but also candid and spontaneous. It's like how I would imagine street photography to be if you planted a master into a rural area then drowned them in history and religion.

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