Studio Lighting 2 Proposal

Zachery Kenric Ali

April 8th 2022

Studio Lighting II


I am very interested in exploring the creativity and composition of still life and advertorial images in a studio lighting setting. Of course this look originates from the greats like Irving Penn and Jan Groover but I would also love to reference more contemporary artists such as Marius W Hanson & Ryan Jenq. I am hoping, throughout my voyage of the greats, that I can also accelerate my ability to not only light products and objects in a way that creates depth and interest but also hone my compositional techniques and creativity across the board. By the end of the semester I’m hoping to push the boundaries of color and composition to create a usable portfolio of work to show to clients after graduation.

Artists & Authors of Interest:

Marius W Hanson (Photographer)

Irving Penn (Photographer)

Adam Friedlander (Photographer)

Salvador Dali (Painter)

Henri Matisse (Painter)

Charles Negre (Photographer)

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