Shooting Nature with Gabe

It only took almost the entire semester but it finally clicked how to use the view camera.

I came into the semester thinking “I probably won’t be shooting this after this class” but after all the frustrations and hard work I realize what Mr. Sternbach was talking about when he said the reward is unmatched. The quality of the images you can pull from the negatives is amazing.

Working with friends from class is also fun and rewarding, I wish we would have been together since the beginning of the semester. The only negative to a generally fun day was that the ground glass on the back of Gabe’s camera was shattered.

There was even a cute dog in Central Park that kept trying to play with us.

Overall despite it being literal freezing outside it was a good day of shooting and the negatives came out fantastic. Looking forward to being a bit more creative with the rest of my negatives before the semester ends.

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