Inkjet Printing

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Yesterday in class as we’re winding down the semester Professor Sternbach is pushing us to begin printing our work. We are given the option for our final portfolio to either darkroom contact and print our images or scan them in and inkjet print them. Seeing as how most of my time is spent in the darkroom I thought it would be pretty cool to try inkjet printing for the first time.

That turned out to be the wrong choice as it sent Mr. Sternbach down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out how to get school equipment to work as he bottled up his frustrations and tried to keep a positive attitude. Almost 2 hours in to him calling other professors and finally having to pull out his own laptop we were able to get the large epson printer to shoot out some of my images

The issues didn’t stop there though because the magenta nozzle in this printer was clogged, no amount of head cleaning or calibration was solving the issue. Scott was pretty over it but I think the slightly green tint in the prints make them look cool and unique. I might stick to inkjet for all of my final prints

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