Harold Feinstein

Immediately when looking at these photos you can tell this is not only a person that understands light but someone that has a deep love for photography. I can visibly see how much Harold is enthralled by the work of Irving Penn. Though he says he also began shooting these flowers in the 80s, it is very clearly Penn influenced.

These images also remind me so much of Josue's project for the studio 2 class. He is using shaped hard light to create low-key colourful silhouettes of flowers very similar to these. I'm unsure if he was aware of Harold's work prior to doing his work but they are very similar in structure.

Something I'm taking away from these images is his interesting use of macro. A few of the images look cropped and magnified while others seem meticulously focused with a macro lens. I wonder if this was an intentional decision by Feinstein or if it's something he decided later on in the process.

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