Gordon Parks

While doing presentations on our assigned photographers for class a few weeks ago, one of my fellow students had to research the amazing Gordon Parks. I think Gordon is the first photographer I've seen that actually inspires me. I can't get his name out of my head, I want to see more of his work and know what inspires him and his compositions. His work, mostly in colour seems like he has a certain cinematic quality to his images.

It makes sense seeing as how he worked in almost all mediums of art. He has written books, directed movies, composed music, he's done it all! But his photos specifically have a certain timelessness to them. He has the ability to tell a story in photographs that is not only unique to him but to those he's shooting as well which is something I'm aspiring to do in my personal project that I'm working on.

Living in the time that Gordon did, majority of his work seemed to revolve around the role that race played in society and his view on the subject. He did also work on different projects but I personally feel like his greater work empowered black people.

Even though Gordon died his work still lives on today in new media. It has inspired scenes in Tv shows but most recognizably in more recent years Kendrick Lamar has used his photos as scenes in his music videos.

Very somber, very powerful images that Kendrick used to tell his story.

Mr. Parks also understood the importance of documenting memorable and successful black people throughout history. He has numerous photos in his archive of historical black people. Malcolm, protests, Ali, and all of his photos have the same aesthetic cinematic vibe to them.

All in all I view Gordon as a legend, and here's to hoping we get the same level of artistry in today's upcoming photographers and photojournalists.

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