Black. Proposal


Zachery Kenric Ali, Photographer and Director will create a series of still and moving photographs beginning in the Fall of 2021-2022 over a years span (6 week period adjusted for this class) primarily working out of New York City. This Project aims to remind viewers of the power and joys of being black outside of the negativity and struggle broadcast through the media and American culture. Using still life, models, people, environments, colours, shapes and locations this project will show a different view than most are used to seeing about life being black. I’ve decided to work on this project because it feels like every time I open my phone or turn on the tv all I greeted with is negativity surrounding my people, it’s extremely frustrating when it seems like nobody ever has anything positive to show and racial tensions are at an all time high in the world right now. I feel a lot of misunderstanding comes from people not being exposed to what life is like in the perspective of someone that may look different than them, whether it be the similarities or differences there should be more open dialogue than there is right now and I’m hoping to spur some of that conversation with my work. Using only film in a multitude of formats (35mm, 120 & 4x5) Zach will use many different avenues of photography to convey his message thoroughly and in intimate detail. Zachery is a current emerging artist from the tri-state area with half a decade of experience shooting commercial and editorial work for brands, artists and publications. Final distributive plans for Black include exhibitions in New York and across Europe, multimedia galleries and finally a book publication.

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